Shop Dressy Jumpsuits for Girls at Mia belle Baby

Our popular culture has been bombarded time and again by the availability and showcase of jumpsuits or onesies. Although made to jump in from an airplane thus called a ‘jumpsuit’, it was first created in 1919. Since then it has spread across the world in various industries as a popular choice of uniform or outfit.

It has been present however in the fashion industry and popular culture references since April O'Neil wore it in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 1987. We have seen it existing since then till now, as a fashion statement used by countless fashion designers to promote and show off their skills and expressions.

Now with Mia belle baby; the jumpsuits have seen a redefinition. Made with love and care, these jumpsuits are also the epitome of fashion for kids. With so many jumpsuits to choose from, the best of the best and the most adored jumpsuits are given below:
  • Girls off the shoulder medallion print flared sleeve jumper with crochet trim: With spring just around the corner, achieve the perfect beach look with the medallion print flared sleeve jumper. This dress is as fashionable as it is comfortable. Ideal for a day to be spent on the beach, it’s hand washable and can be hang dried too.

  • Girls royal/ivory sketched floral off the shoulder jumpsuit: A jumpsuit perfect for any affair, this sketched floral off the shoulder jumpsuit is fun to wear and gives comfort and great looks combined like no other does. It’s a jumpsuit that will enhance your baby’s look wherever she chooses to go. With a perfect weather, this will make the most perfect outing outfit.

  • Girls pink and green polka dot pom-pom ruffle jumpsuit: Your day at the beach will only begin to shine brighter with your child wearing the beautiful pom-pom ruffle jumpsuit. The polka dots make everything fun and the sheer quantity by which it is sold, it’s no doubt It’ll be a fashion statement this summer!

  • Girls ivory lace bell slope romper: Not technically a Jumpsuit but a beautiful romper altogether. This light dress that emanates comfort and easy movement by its presence alone, this bell slope romper looks beautiful! The huge flower on it only makes the dress look even more fun! This is the go-to dress for your perfect vacation.

  • Girls flutter sleeve faux wrap palazzo jumpsuit: The sass and the class this carries makes it one of the fastest sold items in our inventory. Rightly a jumpsuit with purpose, this dress gives off both the comfort and the light wear feel it has. This would look perfect on a day out roaming through gardens and vineyards. 

Each jumpsuit that we have are sure to be pretty and comfortable, following the latest trend and as economical as they can get. You will never go wrong with a jumpsuit, you can be sure about that! "